Sophos Home – best free antivirus I have used.

There are many free anti-viruses out there. Over the years I’ve used free anti-viruses like AVG Free, Avast, ClamAV, Windows Defender, but now I am t0tally convinced that Sophos Home is the way to go.

To get it, you need to sign up to their website to be able to download it for your Mac or PC.

Sophos Home Dashboard on macOS

Once you install Sophos on a Mac or a Windows, you’ll see a small Sophos icon (on the Menu bar if you’re on a Mac and in your Notification Icons if you’re on Windows) indicating that your anti virus protection is active.

Once you open the Sophos app, you’ll see the very simple main window.

It shows a large banner across the top that displays your security status, a button to view any pending alerts and another button to open the online dashboard.

Sophos Home Online Dashboard


There is also another button to launch a full scan, which displays its progress right in the main window. Then there are on/off switches for Automatic Virus Protection, Web Protection, and Potentially Unwanted App Detection.

The Online Dashboard is the main control center for all the devices which you have installed Sophos Home on. There you can check the status of all your devices, perform a scan, check alerts, manage exceptions and add other devices. You can install Sophos Home up to 10 Mac or PCs on a single free account.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.37.40 PM.png
Sophos Home blocking a malicious website

Sophos is also available for Linux, and mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. Sophos will not prompt the user to buy or subscribe to the paid version, unlike other free Antivirus out there.

Left: Sophos for Android ; Right: Sophos for iOS 10



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