Switch. The Windows to Mac experience.

More than 20 years of using Windows

I have been using Windows for more than 20 years now and I’m currently making the switch to macOS. It’s not that I want to change my preferred computer operating system, or loyalty for that matter, but I want to expand my computer skills so that I can work efficiently in any platform.





A little bit of history, not that I have never used a Mac before. I remember when I was a kid back in 1999, I had my first experience with an old Macintosh (or was it a Performa?) in our living room and I’d be playing around with it. I had long sessions of playing Populous and Encyclopedia Britannica from a CD.  It was not much but I found it to be entertaining. The only disappointment was StarCraft or Descent won’t run on that Mac and during those days my younger brother was hogging our Windows 98 PC.


iBook G4

Years later in 2004 I experienced my best friend’s iBook G4. It was different a world because I was used to Windows XP that figuring it out the iBook G4 was difficult for me. I think at that time I was helping my friend get to the internet so that she can download some songs from Kazaa, which didn’t really work out because Kazaa was only available for Windows at that time.


Yeah. Kazaa. Those were the days.


So now, I’ve gotten my hands on a MacBook Pro. It’s a few years old but it’s still compatible with macOS Sierra.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, being the Windows fan boy that I am, I wiped out it’s OS and installed Windows on it. My step sister got angry and told me it was heresy. For a few months I was using it as a Windows laptop up until the end of 2016. It was running okay, but something inside me  decided to install macOS again and when I did, it was almost life changing.

I realized the beauty of Apple computers because their software is fully optimized for their hardware and my MacBook Pro worked so much better. Everything about it was just a delightful experience. I noticed the difference between Mac and Windows right away, and it’s way beyond their aesthetics.

Firstly, I found that Macs are much more stable. I don’t get the usual hiccups I get from Windows like the “Not responding”, or having to deal with background services that’s hogging all my CPU and RAM processing.

Installing programs and other apps amazed me because I just have to drag most of them to the Applications folder, unlike Windows which you have to go through tedious installation processes where sometimes you just wish there aren’t so many boxes to check or uncheck.


To my surprise, there are also a lot of games available on the Mac now. I was able to install Steam and Battle.net and I’m so happy that I can now play games like StarCraft 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


I had to get used to was the keyboard shortcuts though, but they are not totally different from Windows. I also had to learn to get around the file system and the computer settings. I was surprisingly easy. Everything was made to be understood right away and I got to customize my settings with ease.

Another amazing thing that I discovered is that anything you connect into a Mac just works. I plugged in a brand-less Webcam and it worked right away. I connected to several printers in our company’s office through the wireless network and the Mac was able to get them working in a few seconds without having to search for drivers and utilities (or maybe it did. I just didn’t notice). If I was using Windows, I have to search through the websites to download and install these proprietary drivers and software.

I even started using the MacBook Pro as my daily driver in the office and to be honest, it hasn’t let me down. I’m getting all my work done with the macOS version of Office 365, and the track pad gestures are like magic. I love the trackpad gestures. I haven’t found the need to use a mouse ever since I started this Mac experience except when playing video games. But that aside, everything is just so fresh of an experience and its kinda nice to get out of the Windows environment for once.

So in closing, the macOS experience was definitely worth it. I got a hang of a different operating system and I learned a lot of new things.

Mac and Windows are totally different and they have advantages over the other and with that said, I am really trying to be objective because I haven’t used macOS as long as I have used Windows. There’s no point in saying that one is better than the other. It just comes down to each person’s personal preference. Do I like macOS now? Definitely. Am I gonna stop using Windows? Not really. But for sure I’m going to use both depending on my needs.


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