Skins by Laptop Skin Manila


I had my laptops skinned by Laptop Skin Manila and I am very happy with their work. They are located in a small humble shop at the Northbound side of Shaw Boulevard MRT Station.


You can reach them by contacting their number posted on their Facebook. They also have a large gallery of the works they’ve done. Unfortunately, they rarely answer inquiries through Facebook because they get so much messages in a day that they don’t have time to answer them all so they suggest that people just go to their shop and inquire directly instead.

They get so much customers over the weekend that when I went there I had to wait for my turn. I was surprised at how popular they are despite having a small operating shop. People would come from different places just to get their laptops skinned by them and they would really entrust their Alienware or MacBook Pro, or even other high end MSI gaming laptops to these guys.


I observed how they work and I a saw that they would treat every detail with precision. The designs would get printed and will be manually applied to the gadget with care. They also use a digital cutter for decals that needs extra precise details as you guys can see with the Darth Vader on my MacBook Pro.

The materials they use are high quality vinyl stickers and they’re guaranteed to last for over a year though one customer said he had his laptop skin for 3 years now and it’s still looks beautiful, and their prints will never wear out. You can even use chemical cleaners on them and they won’t get damaged.

Though their shop doesn’t look that professional, they value the reputation they’ve built over the years of quality service and I can honestly say that they are the real deal so check them out if you want to personalize your laptop.


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