Review | RAKK™ ZAYIN Gaming Case

UPDATE 11/11/2017 – I finally have a video of the PC Build. I apparently chose to sell my Zayin case a few months back but I decided to buy another one again since it’s my first love from Rakk Gears.

First thing that impressed me about this case is it’s simplicity. It doesn’t have that “in your face” look that you’ll see in other Gaming CPU Cases. Personally, I like it because it’s clean and minimalist.


I like the fact that I bought it for just Php1,290 in Easy PC Makati, and in fact, it felt like it costs a few thousand pesos more because it looks so professional. It doesn’t feel cheap. The build quality is tough and beautifully made.

The case supports a full ATX Motherboard. I have a huge Coolink Heat Sink Fan  that didn’t fit well in my other CPU case but here you can see that it fits perfectly. This case supports CPU fans up to 160mm.


You can also put 2x 120mm fans in the front, 1x 120mm fan in the back, and 2x 120mm fans in the top. I believe this case will also support water cooling fans up to 240mm.

On the bottom you have the PSU and hard drive bays. All in all you have 2 bays for 3.5mm HDD and 2 for 2.5mm SSD


Cable management can be done easily also as there are a lot of room for the cables to go into. You can arrange them on the other side of the case.


The transparent acrylic side panel just looks so beautiful with those LED lights.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. My old ROG PC looks a lot more modern now. There are also other RAKK CPU cases and assorted RAKK Gaming gear available in EasyPC so you guys should look them up. I highly recommend RAKK Gear for PC gamers on a budget.


16 Replies to “Review | RAKK™ ZAYIN Gaming Case”

  1. Thanks for this. nagka idea ako ano itsura sa loob, at may PSU Shelv na dn and Drive shelv, tanung ko lang po, natatanggal ba yung Drive Shelv? at yung Fan na dalawa sa harap, nasasagad ba hanggang sa ilalim yung 120mm Fan? para mahanginan yung HDD…


      1. i see, thanks for the answer, anyway last question, can i ask for the exact width ng sa ilalim? at sa side? i’m planning for an DIY na patungan, Thanks in advance 🙂


  2. Hi! This is probably a stupid/noob question, yung front part diba is closed? Paano papasok yung air dun kung natatakpan ng front part ng case yung fans sa front? Sorry I don’t know anything about airflow and I’m interested with this case. Thanks!


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