Review | A4Tech Bloody V7 Gaming Mouse

 If you want to buy a gaming mouse, you always look for something that is comfortable, stylish, and well built. There are a lot of gaming mice out there that might help you improve your game because of it’s weight, and adjustable DPI settings that you can set without needing extra software. A4Tech’s Bloody V7 is a little different. It has all of the things that I mentioned earlier but it also utilizes a specialized software to give you an advantage to your game, or in this case, cheat.

mouse 2.jpg

Build Quality and Design

The Bloody V7 has a sleek body design, it has matte plastic on all the parts that touches your hand and glossy plastic in between. It also has concave sides which lets your right thumb and left pinky rest comfortably.

The usb cable is braided which is definitely a huge plus, but as for lighting, it only has a red led that changes color when you change your mouse mode (will get more on that later). The red Bloody logo also has a breathing effect, which I think is pretty cool.


This mouse is pretty much designed and marketed for first person shooter games like CS:GO.

The left side of the mouse has forward and backward buttons, it has the standard left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel with a center click and extra 3 buttons on the middle. No dedicated DPI adjustment button.

What does the 3 extra buttons do? They switch to different programmable modes that you can change with Bloody’s software available to download on their website.


Here are the default settings of the programmable buttons: Button 1 is your standard mouse config that fires single shots and can be used for any game. The N button, or the middle button, will either burst fire two shots or continually shoot in strafe mode which will reduce recoil when firing in thus increasing accuracy. Lastly, button 3 shoots 3 burst shots at a time firing more shots with a weapon like a handgun one click at a time.


Other gaming mice usually comes with software that lets you adjust their DPI or lighting effects but the Bloody V7 Software lets you adjust your weapon modes allowing players adjust how exactly they want their burst or continuous fire to work and even reduce recoil when firing their weapons. It even has a head shot configuration in the software. You can actually choose what game it works with but I think it’s mostly for CS:GO. You can have different configurations for different weapons



I haven’t had the time to try out the software for myself because it seems a little bit complicated and you have to pay to unlock some of its features but I found this video on YouTube by The Sethioz Project demonstrating the no recoil hack of this mouse. The results are pretty interesting.


Build and comfort wise, this gaming mouse is amazing. It feels great on the hand and it’s not heavy.

If your goal is to cheat in a shooter game, this mouse will let you do so but it would be unfair to other players and will not make your competitive game enjoyable at all.


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