Review | Vortex LED USB Keyboard

I found a cheap keyboard on Lazada that has 200+ positive reviews. Out of curiosity, I decided to get one for myself. It was the very first keyboard that I owned that was back lit.

There’s nothing much to say about it honestly. For a super cheap price, I didn’t expect much. I knew it was gonna be one of those cheap keyboards that might not even last 3 months. But to my surprise it was actually pretty well built. I’ve had this for over a year now and it’s still alive.

The membrane keys are tactile and didn’t feel mushy at all. The whole thing feels very solid and it doesn’t flex when you put pressure on it. I’m a pretty heavy typist and I play first person shooters a lot and it’s impressive how it held itself up. It also has multimedia keys which are very useful.

The back light has 3 available color modes: Red, Blue, and Purple. You can adjust the light but sadly no fancy effects.

I only had 2 complaints about this keyboard: one is the back light is not that bright when you’re in a well lit room or when it’s daylight, and secondly, the USB cable is really bad. It feels as if it will break if mishandled.

For Php399, I think this is pretty decent. It’s not Razer or Corsair so don’t expect much. Who is this keyboard for? I guess it’s for those who wants a back lit keyboard but on the super low budget and it doesn’t matter as long as you can have something to play with. Otherwise, stay away from it and save your money for something else with better quality.


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