Review | Gigaware Ajazz AK33 Mechanical Keyboard w/ Zorro blue switches


If you have been looking for gaming keyboards in Lazada, you have probably come across the brand called “Gigaware” and “Ajazz” who are selling mechanical keyboards at a very competitive prize. I decided to pick one up and I chose the Gigaware Ajazz AK33 #4 White with Blue Switches for Php1,399.00. Let’s see how it turns out. Ajazz actually has a website

What’s in the box

Upon receiving the box, I am amazed at how well the packaging was thought of. The keyboard itself was protected by a nice foam and it had some pretty interesting accessories that came with it.

Contents of the box are:

  • 1x Mechanical Keyboard with blue switches
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x keycap remover
  • 1x Gold plated usb cable
  • paperwork

I’m amazed at how the presentation was done and it seems that this sort of had a “premium” feel with it.

The Product
I was really surprised on how well built the keyboard is. It has a metal top frame that is in somewhat gold finish, and the whole thing feels sturdy and doesn’t flex.

The keycaps are removable and they can be replaced with other caps that are compatible with Cherry switches because the switches that this keyboard is using are basically clones of the  Cherry MX blues, which they call “Zorro Blue Switches”


The usb cable is not braided but it is gold plated and it doesn’t feel cheap. I think it will last a long time as long as I don’t wear it out.

Using the product

This is my first time to actually own a mechanical keyboard but I am surprised how easy I got to adapt to it. The keyboard layout is US and it is perfect because that’s what I’m used to. I can honestly say that I’m a fast typist and I had no problem with this keyboard at all.

The Zorro blue switches feel greats and tactile and I am not disappointed at all. For gaming, it was pretty okay as well. Though not much function keys because this is a minimalist styled keyboard.

The media function keys work okay as well but I wish that the function key is on the bottom right instead of being on the top right.


Overall, I think this is well worth my money. I like the minimalist white design. The Zorro blue switches felt great too and I am not disappointed. I would highly recommend this for people who are looking to buy a cheap mechanical keyboard.





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