BLOG| I changed the layout of my setup once again!

Living in a tight condo space is no joke. I have to make do with every inch of the room that I have and sometimes I even have to sacrifice a little bit just so that I can fit everything.

So here is what my setup looks like now. I actually couldn’t sleep knowing that the table I ordered was gonna arrive today but then I was a little bit disappointed that I was sent the wrong color. I’m not really that OC but I think it works. I guess I’ll just wrap them one of this days.


With this, I feel like I have personalized my room to my liking and that Even though it may looked cramped and tight, I think it’s perfect and what I have been trying to visualize for quite a while now. The monitor setup tho was something spontaneous. I was expecting to have them beside each other but one being on top works more I guess.




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