Review | Rakk Phantom X Gaming Case

The Rakk Phantom X is one of those cheap PC cases that has been tagged with “gaming” so that it might probably sell better.

At the first look, I can tell that the design was a rip off of the NZXT Phantom Case, but smaller. This is a M-ATX case that will fit M-ATX and M-ITX motherboards but can support a full size graphics card and PSU. It has 1x 3.5in HDD Bay and 1x 2.5in HDD/SSD bay on the back of the motherboard area.

It can fit 1x 120mm fan in the front, 1x 120mm radiator/fan on top and 1x 80mm fan on the back. It can also fit custom water cooling system. It also has a tinted acrylic side panel and cable management holes.

Building with this case was pretty straightforward. The PSU goes to the bottom, which was a nice touch but I really wish that it had a PSU Shroud and more HDD Bays. The Cable management holes was pretty decent enough for me to get a nice arrangement of cables.

So overall, I think for the Php650 price tag, you can never go wrong. Other cases in this price range doesn’t have the look or features of the Phantom X Case, even if it was a clear ripoff of NZXT. I like the fact that it has a transparent side window so that you can actually put RGB lights on it and get noticed. So yeah. If you’re looking for a PC case with a small footprint like this one, go for it.


17 Replies to “Review | Rakk Phantom X Gaming Case”

  1. Tanong ko lang po. bumili po kasi ako ng Phantom Rakk X then tanong ko lang po if kasya po ba sa kanya yung ATX na motherboard? kasi po yun po yung gusto ko sana dahil may nakita na po akong ATX na motherboard na maganda yung specs, gusto ko po sana malaman if kasya bago sana ako bumili iwas dagdag gastos pag nagkamali hehe.


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