Live streaming gameplay using your phone’s mobile internet?

Today we are going to see if we can live stream a game on Facebook using my mobile phone’s internet. I am currently on Globe postpaid that has 11GB of monthly data plan.

I used my phone as a portable WiFi hotspot while on 4G LTE and I set my data consumption limit to 1GB.

To make sure that Windows 10 background services don’t eat up my data, I have set itas a metered connection.

The speed test is pretty good. For my ping, Globe averaged at around 23ms, the download speed averaged about 5mbps and for upload I got a whopping 12mbps which is very decent for live streaming in 960×540 resolution.

I think one of the major determining factors of the quality of stream here is my hardware since I’m using pretty dated PC components aside from my GPU and live streaming is a CPU intensive workload for the PC anyway. But once I got the settings right, I was able to stream in workable low quality.

you can watch my whole stream here

I think Facebook makes the game play resolution even less but I was able to stream my game anyway with it and it’s very playable
The downside tho is that in 30 minutes of live streaming, I ate up 900mb, almost to 1GB

well, I hope you guys learned from this. I’ll see you on the next one.


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