Review | Rakk Daguob Gaming Headset

The Rakk Daguob headset is another budget gamer gear that and EasyPC has come up with and here’s what I think about it.

First impression is not that good. When I bought it from the store, it didn’t have an actual box or any proper packaging which was really a turn off. Don’t get me wrong, has a lot of great stuff, this one didn’t just pass.

The whole thing is made of plastic and feels cheap. But I think it can withstand brutal wear and tear sessions. I was amazed by the braided cable because it is thick and it feels really durable, which one of the few things that I find actually worth something in this headset.

I was surprised how clear and crisp the sound is but then I feel like it lacks a little bit of bass, which most people would be looking for. The microphone sounds bad but okay enough for the internet cafe user. The microphone has a loud hiss in the background and the mic is not that clear.

So was my Php350 worth it? Well, not really. But I wasn’t really expecting anything much but that would also be my advice to you. For Php350, you can’t go wrong because you get what you pay for. There are people who this headset is for like the internet cafe owners who wants a durable enough headset for their shops, but not for the serious gamer who’s looking for quality.

Durability is the keyword here. This headset feels like a tank even if it’s plastic, but the sound quality of the microphone isn’t so good.


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