BLOG | Why am I still on LGA 1155? Core i7 2600k+GTX1050 Ti vs 8 games



I believe that LGA 1155 is  the king of second hand budget PC Builds because the platform is abundant. You can find a lot of LGA 1155 motherboards and CPUs on the second hand market.

So from the Core i5 3470, I decided to change my processor to the Core i7 2600k. Some people might think of it as a downgrade since I’ll be coming from the 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge down to the 2nd Gen Sandy Bridge.

After doing some extensive research, i learned that performance wise, the 2600k can match up to a Kaby Lake i5 when overclocked.

The 2600k is an overclockable Quadcore processor with 8 threads so that’s definitely more CPU power than the 3470 which is a locked Quadcore processor with only 4 threads.

I also didn’t find it practical to upgrade to the current gen (Kaby Lake or Ryzen) as of the moment because it would mean that I have to change my entire system: motherboard and ram. I still have a decent Asus Z77  motherboard and 16GB kit of Kingston Hyper X DDR3 ram which serves my purpose.

Performance wise, I am very much satisfied with the 2600k. It is currently paired with my GTX 1050 Ti (it’s not much i know) and this system can pretty much handle anything I throw at it in 1080p. The games tested were in their high settings.

If you watch the video above, you can see that the 2600k doesn’t even go to 99% when gaming. Video rendering is pretty decent as well since I only make videos in 1080p.

I overclocked the 2600k to 4.5GHz and it had a significant difference from the Core i5 3470 which was boosted to 4.2GHz.

Overall, I think I will stick to this platform for the next 4-5 years before I do my next upgrade. If ever I had to upgrade, I may just upgrade my graphics card. I’ve seen videos with the 2600k still keeping up with a 1080 Ti overclocked to 4.7GHz. But it all depended on the game that was played. I can see the 2600k bottlenecking such GPUs on CPU demanding games like Ashes of the Singularity, which is basically what other people had said.


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