Gaming | Sniper Elite 4 quick review

Sniper Elite 4 is a third-person tactical shooter stealth video game developed by Rebellion Developments. I bought the Sniper Elite Complete Bundle pack during the Steam Weekend sale and I didn’t have any regrets about it.

As a tactical shooter stealth video game, you are meant to sneak past enemies and kill your targets without getting seen. Pretty much like Hitman or Metal Gear.

I found it a little bit more fun when I started treating this like a regular shooter game with “some” stealthiness along the way, Because, why not. I just went on about playing the campaign missions finding ways to kill enemies in the most efficient way possible without getting stressed about remaining hidden from sight, with limited ammo and scavenging for medkits whenever possible.

The campaign missions are set on Italy during World War 2, where you are a lone sniper behind enemy lines and conducting missions to intercept, disrupt, and assassinate enemies and their operations.

Aside from the Single player Campaign missions, there is also Multiplayer, Cooperative, solo survival mode, and even the Shooting Range (practice mode). There are lots of DLCs that you can buy for you to up your game a bit.

I’ve made a short video above so that you can check out the gameplay before you buy the game.


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