Review | Elecom JC-U4113S wireless game pad for Windows


My folks recently went to Japan for a business trip and I asked them to bring home a wireless game pad for me and this is what I got. (i actually asked for a Steam controller. LOL)

What’s in the box?

The box is in Japanese with a little bit of English so I didn’t bother. But what came with the box are:

  1. Wireless Game Pad
  2. Wireless USB receiver
  3. 2x AA Batteries
  4. Manual (it’s in Japanese)


The Product

At first, you might mistake this for a PlayStation controller since they are strikingly similar except for the hollow cut outs on the hand grips. When I held the controller itself, i can’t help but be amazed at  how comfortable the rubber grips are. The button placement are similar of that of a PlayStation, but the designations are of the Xbox so it’s really meant for Windows

Using the Product

Setting it up was really easy. I plugged the wireless receiver to the PC and Windows 10 quickly found the drivers for it. Then I went ahead to set it up with Steam. Surprisingly, every button was spot on. The games that I played with it worked well: Shadow of Mordor, Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, Sniper Elite 4, and even CS:GO (i know what you’re thinking). Everything just works and it’s awesome.

Steam’s BIG PICTURE mode kinda gave me a console-like experience on my PC and with that, I realized what could be the future when Steam expands the comparability with the Big picture mode and the Steam controller.

I wish the A,B,X,Y buttons are colored though. It took me a while to develop some muscle memory to know which button is which. But aside from that I think this is pretty good. The controller is also Dual Shock, so if your game has some intense rumbling going on, I think you’ll appreciate this feature.

This runs on AA Batteries though so that might be a turn off for some people.


Overall, I just wanted to experience what’s it like to use a controller on the PC and I can honestly say that I am not biased. I played some games better with a controller especially Shadow of Mordor so I kinda understand what the “console peasants” are coming from. But with most first person shooter games, I still prefer the good ol’ mouse and keyboard. Third person shooters are okay.

So if you wanna try out PC gaming with a controller, I believe that it will be a good experience for anybody.



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