Enjoy great deals and cashback for tech buys at ShopBack

I was invited to try out shopping for my tech stuff using ShopBack and I was actually surprised of the benefits it gave me.

First of all, what is ShopBack?

ShopBack is a Singaporean-headed e-commerce company that uses the Cashback reward program. They have presence in the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India with affiliations of over 300 merchants around the world including online retail giants like Lazada.

So how do we exactly get cash back?

Basically they are affiliated with stores like Lazada that gives commission to ShopBack when they refer customers to their site. Then ShopBack in turn rewards customers in the form of cash within 48 hours of purchase.



How do I get started?

You will need to download the ShopBack app first on your mobile phone or install the ShopBack Chrome browser add-on from the webstore. Then, register an account with ShopBack.Just register a valid e-mail address or sign up with Facebook.

Once done, you can now browse through the online stores which will be redirected from the ShopBack platform itself and it will also show the amount of Cashback you can receive depending on the store.

The minimum redeemable cash back is Php300.01, which you can cash out by just filling out the payment details in your ShopBack account via PayPal or your preferred bank (I used BDO).

Is this legit? How did it work out for you?

I can definitely say it’s legit. I was skeptical at first but then I did a little bit of research and tried it out myself. To my surprise, I got benefits from it.

I shop in Lazada often and I tried it out by ordering Php1000 worth of small PC parts from Lazada and I got Php90 back. They also give you coupons and vouchers that you can use to get more discounts, which in my case, I got a couple of vouchers for Lazada.

Interestingly, ShopBack also works  with Uber and Grab which I will definitely try out on my next commute. They also have great deals with Takatack, Aliexpress, and GoDaddy.

This is a very interesting way to get a little bit of savings while getting my fix of online shopping. At first, the cashback may not be a lot but for somebody who’s very budget conscious, a few hundred pesos would mean a lot. Give it a try and I think you’ll feel it’s benefits as well. Visit https://www.shopback.ph to get started! Then also find the great deals by clicking here.


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