Lineage 2 Revolution adds Open Fortress Siege

I’ve recently started playing Lineage 2 Revolution, a mobile-based MMORPG that’s very casual and fun to play.

Lineage2 Revolution introduced a major update, including the Open Fortress Siege.

The open fortress siege, which will be held from 8:30PM to 9PM every Friday, is a good opportunity that allow players to experience the fortress siege. With characters with balanced strength, players can choose any class and race when entering the open fortress siege. Players can enter on their own, or for a party up to five before joining the battlefield.

Based on the result of the battle, players will receive rewards including blessed scrolls, weapon upgrade stones, and weapon vanish. The fortress buffs given to the fortress siege winner will not be applied in the open fortress siege.

Now players that achieve character level 180 will see their mastery rising, as they earn EXP. Similar to the level system, mastery increases when EXP is accumulated, and the players with high mastery will receive the Mastery Token. The mastery token is the in-game currency for the mastery shop, which sells Maphr’s protection fragment, red starstones, and enhancement scroll bundle.

The ‘cloak’ with which the players can demonstrate their in-game personality was also added into the game. The cloak consists of a personal cloak and a clan cloak. Players can acquire personal cloaks at the end of the tutorial, and by wearing this, can boost their capabilities and attack powers, while improving efficiency through level-up.

All clan members can wear the clan cloak, but only the clan leader can upgrade it. The cloak features not only stat advantages, but also its appearance will change every time when it accomplishes certain levels.

Open Fortress Siege 1

In a new party raid dungeon Temporal Rift, players can carry out missions with party members and defeat mighty bosses. This dungeon not only has a unique play style, but a story to it while playing. Players can also find various rewards in Temporal Rift, including materials to acquire and level-up a cloak.

Also, the red rare equipment features several skills that damage the magical monster. It has features such as pierce and aegis, and can efficiently utilize them in the Temporal Rift. To celebrate the update, the red rare equipment will be given away whey players take part in the new dungeon Temporal Rift just once.

The World boss Guillotine joined Lineage2 Revolution. Guillotine is a rare boss that appears every 12 hours and up to 1 million players can enter the area at once. Players are encouraged to attack with all that they have in order to fight against this powerful boss, as it has great


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