Asteroid Challenge. A simple but challenging mobile game to kill time.


I was invited to try out this really challenging arcade style shooter developed by a small startup game studio, Pavo Studios.

Asteroid Challenge is an arcade space shooter, where you must defend your damaged spaceship from waves of asteroids. Your end goal is to escape the collapsing galaxy. In order to do that, you need to repair your spaceship. Energy packs keep coming. But asteroids keep coming too! And they are bigger than any time before! One asteroid impact and you are dead. For how long can you survive? Will you ever be able to escape?

Basically, the game is a simple arcade shooter. You decide in very short time which asteroid to destroy. You can choose when to repair the spaceship, upgrade the turret or use the energy shield. You can also use tactics like blowing up Energy pots to destroy a large cluster of asteroids.

The turret shoots automatically and all you have to do is to press either side of the screen to aim towards the left or the right.

It may look like a simple game but it is very challenging! It’s a very good game to play if I want to kill some time.

It is available both for Android and iOS.


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