Retro spaceship FPS-RTS, Allegiance, is free on Steam

Calling all retro gamers out there! Microsoft’s multiplayer spaceship FPS-RTS Allegiance, is now up free on Steam. Microsoft open-sourced the game in 2004 and fans have maintained the game since then and it’s still kicking even after 17 years.

What’s the game about?

It is a simple game of zero-gravity team deathmatch. AI collectors gathered minerals from asteroid fields to home base across a network of sectors, each haul adding to a team’s ability to invest in new ships and equipment. The assigned commander makes strategies, directing the AI miners and watching for enemies, as well as building replacement ships. The pilots on the on the other hand responds to threats, to protect the team’s resource fields and its borders, and to strike at the enemy team when there’s a chance.


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