$30 alternative to iFixit Pro tech toolkit?

UPDATE 11/17/2017 – It was pointed out to me that the $289.99 Pro tech toolkit is incorrectly priced and it comes from an unapproved seller on Amazon. The 2016 iFixit toolkit only comes at $60 on iFixit’s official Amazon page and website. They give it a lifetime warranty too.

If you’ve been watching tech videos on YouTube, you most likely have seen the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, used by TechTubers like Linus Tech Tips, among many others.

It’s a pretty impressive toolkit that will have almost everything you need for your PC Building needs and it comes at around $60 on their official website

After some digging, I found the Oria Tech toolkit for only $29.99.


It’s pretty much got everything that the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has: 76-bit Screwdriver set, Anti-static wrist strap, opening pick, spudgers, plastic and metal prying tools, a ruler, cutter, and a couple of tweezers. All packed in a portable pouch.

The only things that I didn’t like about this kit are the plastic opening tools and opening pick because they get worn out easily but that’s okay because I’m not gonna use them that often. The screwdriver kit is excellent quality as well as the other metal tools like the tweezers.

This pretty much has everything I need for the usual PC building prospects and I think for almost $30, it’s not that bad.

But save a few more bucks and I’d definitely recommend the official iFixit Pro tech toolkit because of it’s better quality and lifetime warranty.


2 Replies to “$30 alternative to iFixit Pro tech toolkit?”

  1. Hi Ira,
    It looks like you’re referring to a much older version of the Pro Tech Toolkit. The $289 price is also incorrect since it was set by a seller not approved by iFixit. iFixit sells their new Pro Tech Toolkit on their official Amazon store and on their site at iFixit.com for around $60. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or would like to check out the Pro Tech Toolkit for yourself! Thanks. 🙂


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