AMD Named “Brand of the Year” in Trusted Reviews “Best Tech 2017 Awards”


“2017 has been an incredible year for AMD in delivering both AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon™ RX Vega Graphics to a passionate response from enthusiasts, whom appreciate the industry-leading innovation AMD brings to the PC market” –  John Taylor, AMD Chief Marketing Officer 

Ever since AMD’s Ryzen processors launched, I’ve had a good feeling that this will be the year where things would get really interesting for PC Enthusiasts such as myself. AMD redefined what we should expect from gaming PCs: a balance of price to performance and value for money, thus challenging the PC Enthusiast market with great products that was well received by everyone.

AMD has won twice at the prestigious Trusted Reviews Awards 2017, including the reader’s choice of “Best Tech 2017 Brand of the Year” and “PC Component of the Year” for AMD and for the AMD Ryzen™ processors, respectively.

Trusted Reviews, a highly respected news and media website in London, UK, is a comprehensive source of independent expert reviews, user reviews and news about consumer electronics, and holds their annual awards celebrating the very best products launched in the tech world each year.

While the winner of the ‘Brand of the Year’ category is decided by the public, the ‘PC Component of the Year’ award is selected by a panel of Trusted Reviews experts, choosing AMD Ryzen processors from a full range of products launched in the last 12 months and reviewed by Trusted Reviews experts.

In its coverage of the PC component of the year award, Trusted Reviews wrote: “AMD’s Ryzen chips were first launched in March this year. In the intervening months they’ve changed the landscape of the processor market, bringing huge and relatively affordable multi-core power to PC gamers worldwide. The Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 chips all received Recommended awards in their Trusted Reviews reviews, which is no mean feat in such a competitive market.”



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