iFixit Pro tech toolkit. A must have for every tech.


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a $30 toolkit that’s supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the iFixit Pro Tech toolkit which I said was priced at $289.99.

With that, Kelsey, the Outreach Coordinator & YouTube Host of iFixit, reached out to me and pointed out that the price was incorrect because it was set by a seller not approved by iFixit.

I updated my article apologized for the mistake right because I angled the whole thing in a very inaccurate way.

So she also asked if I want to check out the real iFixit Pro Tech toolkit for myself and she sent me one. Thanks Kelsey~!

The package arrived at my doorstep  a little bit earlier than expected via FedEx Express. I was actually expecting to go through a lot of bureaucracy from the Customs and Post office so I’m glad I didn’t have to go through that.


Looking at the box you can already tell that the whole thing speaks of quality while turning it to the back you will find the list of contents.


Inside you will find the toolkit’s nylon case with the iFixit logo.


When you open nylon case,  you will find the tools neatly arranged in their respective places.


First, let’s take a look at the 64 bit Screwdriver kit.

The container of the screwdriver kit is made of hard plastic and it is packed with features unlike the screwdriver kit from the $30 toolkit.


The cover has 4 magnets on the corners and all the bits are neatly arranged in their foam compartments.

The screwdriver has a metal body which feels very industrial. Then here is the 150mm flex extension designed to help you screw in hard to reach places.

The tips are magnetized so that you will not lose your screws easily.


Then the cover of the screwdriver container can be used to store and organize your screws and you can actually close it up so that you can secure your screws.


Then this mat thing inside the nylon case is actually a magnetic pad which you can also use to secure your screws as well.

Now let’s check out the other tools


So this one is called is the jimmy. You use this to pry open stuff like screens and cases.


Next is the metal spudger which is also used to prying stuff open.


Then this one here is called the Halberd spudger.

It has the iFixit logo and a text saying “Repair is noble” which I think is a very nice touch.


Then here is the Standard spudger.

The plastic spudgers are made of high quality plastic so they will not wear out easily.


This is the blunt tweezer. 


Then here is the angled tweezer

The tweezers are safe from electrostatic discharge so you won’t have to worry about using them on electronics.


And lastly here is the nylon tip reverse tweezers.


The kit also comes with 6 opening picks which are also used to prying open stuff.

Again, they are made of quality plastic so they will not wear out that easily.


Then here are 3 plastic opening tools which are also used in opening stuff. These are pretty interesting because there is a printed text that says “This tool is meant to break before your device does”. So prying things open with this is actually safe.


Then here is a suction cup with a handle which is used to lifting up lcd screens especially on smart phones.


And finally here is the anti-static wrist strap which is used to eliminate electrostatic discharge from your body to avoid damaging electronics.

So there we have it. My first  impressions on this toolkit is that it is truly industrial grade. I’ve had several tools over the years but I have never had something as quality made as this.

Next week I will be comparing it with my $30 tech tool kit in terms of quality.


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