Review| Rakk Alkus RGB Gaming Mouse


Today we are going to take a look at the Rakk Alkus RGB gaming mouse. This is one of the most affordable gaming mouse that I have ever used and it is priced at 895 pesos

So now the question is, is this mouse worth it?

Let’s find out


Taking a look at the box you can see that Rakk has been upping their game with the presentation of their products as they are now showing more color on their product boxes.


The features of the mouse are listed on the back as usual.


Upon opening the box you will find the mouse itself and an instructional sheet.

The USB cable is tied together by the included Velcro but i’m kind of disappointed that the cable is not braided.


At first glance you can see that the Rakk Alkus does not look cheap at all and I am really liking the new Rakk logo along with the black matte finish.


The specifications didn’t indicate what kind of switches the mouse is using but I’m guessing that they are Omron Switches because most of the gaming mice from Rakk uses Omron.  The optical sensor is the Avago A3050 and it sports a response rate of 125-1000hz.

You can change the DPI on the fly with  6 levels of sensitivity starting from 500 dpi up to 4000 dpi

The mouse has 8 programmable buttons, 6 color indications, and a variety of RGB lighting effects which can be changed with the button underneath the mouse or by using the Rakk Alkus fine tuner software.

The Fine Tuner software is very straightforward where you can customize button mapping, adjust the different DPI levels, lighting effects, and macros. You can download the Rakk Alkus Fine Tuner software here .

Here’s how the RGB lighting looks like with the lights off and as you can see it’s very bright and vibrant.

The shape of the mouse feels very ergonomic and I did not feel any discomfort in using it at all.

The mouse body  big enough to comfortably fit in my hand and it is very lightweight. The build quality feels durable as well.

After playiyg a few rounds of Casual multiplayer on Rainbow 6 Siege didn’t notice any tracking issues so it’s safe to say that the Avago sensors is doing a good job.

So in conclusion, the Rakk Alkus is one of the most affordable gaming mice that is available on the market right now that allows a lot of customization in sensitivity, lighting effects, and button mapping. However you’re someone who if more comfortable with a heavier mice, then you should try other products instead. I also wish they had included replacements on the bottom pads just as they did on the Rakk Dainas mouse. Another thing I didn’t like on this is that the side buttons is too far from each other for my preference, especially the snipe button.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with this product and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to buy your first affordable gaming mouse. EasyPC, the official partner store of Rakk Gears is also giving 1 year warranty for all of the Rakk products so you wouldn’t need to worry about getting replacement if something happens.


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