Review | Rakk Hawani Gaming Case


So, Rakk Gears did again, and this time they have given us the Rakk Hawani. It is a beautiful mid-tower PC case with aesthetics in mind because of it features tinted tempered glass panels on the side and on the front of the case. Yes, folks. Real Tempered glass. Not the usual plastic acrylic that the they’re offer on other gaming cases. It’s such a beauty and it comes at an affordable price of Php1995 or roughly around $40USD
This is definitely going to be my favourite PC case and I will be using this for a long period of time.
Inside you can see that it can fit motherboards up to the ATX form factor. There is also a lot of room for a huge CPU cooler and in this case I am using the Noctua NH-D15S. I has a CPU clearance up to 160mm, and it can also fit a graphics Card up to 380mm long.
On the right side of the motherboard there are space for 3x 2.5in SSDs, and on the bottom shroud there is a dedicated space for 2x 3.5in HDDs. Do take note that there are no hard drive trays and you actually have to screw them in to secure the hard drives.
The PSU shroud on the bottom can fit a standard ATX power supply and there is also dust filter on the bottom.
There are cable routing all over the case and there’s a lot of room for managing cables.
This case can fit up to 3x 120mm fans on the front 2x 120mm fans on the top and 1x 120mm on the rear,

The front and the top can support up 240L radiators for water cooling and
The airflow inside the case is pretty decent because there are Air vents on the sides of the front panel so that the front intake fans can have room to breathe.
On the top of the case there are a decent amount of ports ranging from USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, support for USB type C port, and there is a dedicated button to control the Rakk Maris RGB Fans.
There is also a magnetic dust filter on top.
In conclusion, I think this is a pretty amazing tempered glass case packed with high-end features. A lot of you will notice that this case resembles on3 of Corsair’s PC cases, and may be so but remember, Rakk is dedicated to bring quality products to the masses and they are doing a good job at it.

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