TNC Pro Team supports Galaxy Battles. Tournament will push through with confirmed teams


Despite the recent controversy of Valve pulling support from the Galaxy Battles Dota 2 tournament, which dropped the prize pool to $500,000 and no Dota Pro Circuit points to give out, Fallout gaming confirmed that some teams will still compete in the event and the format of the tourney has been modified to accommodate the lower amount of teams.

The confirmed teams are: OG, Evil Geniuses, TNC Pro Team, Team Spirit, Pain gaming, Team Infamous, and VGJ.Thunder. Skyville, PG.Barracx and one more unannounced team will compete in the wildcard tournament where one team will make it to the main event to create an eight team competition.

So with that, the TNC Pro Team will be competing in the upcoming Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds and the team is supportive of Fallout Gaming’s efforts to legitimize esports in Southeast Asia. For the team, it provides them with another chance to compete before a hometown audience.

“For us, it’s an honor to play for the Filipinos,” adds Sy. “Despite not being a Major, it’s always been a wish to play in front of a Filipino crowd. It’s the best crowd ever!”



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