Letting go of my Sandy Bridge. Hello Ryzen!


As most of you know, I have been using a Core i7 2600k system for quite a while and it handled a lot of gaming, live streaming, and video editing. It was quite impressive (and it still is!) as I have it overclocked it at 4.8GHz, bundled it with 16GB of DDR3 ram and a GTX 1050 Ti. To be honest, I never really got attracted to any of the latest generation offerings from Intel as I didn’t see anything that different aside from slight performance improvements of the quad-core i5’s and i7’s.

I got blown away when Ryzen got released last year because it was something different. AMD has been trying go beyond the dual-core and quad-core as far as I can remember and they have really improved a lot. There were a lot of bumps with the Phenom and FX series back then and I even remember that there was a certain FX processor that burned out motherboards.

With all of that history passing by, I think AMD really learned and challenged themselves to create better quality and better performing products, thus the Ryzen line up came into light. Not to mention that they’re pretty affordable too while Intel products, on the other hand, maintained their position with their premium products. I also like the fact that all Ryzen processors are unlocked so that you can squeeze more performance out of them unlike Intel where you have to pay a premium to get their unlocked processors.


So what are we upgrading to?

So for the processor, I chose to go with the Ryzen 5 1600. It’s a 6 core / 12 thread processor. It has a decent TDP of 65w with a base clock of 3.2GHz and that boosts up to 3.6GHz. I’ve done some research and looked at the benchmarks of other tech enthusiasts and I am certain that this will do great in both gaming and productivity.

For the motherboard, I chose the ASRock B350m Pro4. I’ve looked at all the B350 chipset motherboards in that price range and I felt like that the ASRock offering is the most feature packed. it has 4 DIMM slots, dual m.2 slots, RGB header, and even USB type C which gives me a lot of room for future upgrades. I have no use for fancy LED lights though and I like to keep it simple.

Then for RAM, i chose the cheapest 8GB kit that I can afford for now since RAM prices  are totally insane. So what I got is the  Gskill Aegis 8GB 2400MHz kit. I think I got fooled because looking at the package, I thought this thing has a heat spreader but apparently it was just a sticker. But then it has lifetime warranty and it’s XMP 2.0 ready so yeah. Couldn’t ask for more. I will definitely get another 8GB kit in the future.


So there we have it, I just swapped out the components from my rig and booted up the hard drives. Supposedly, Windows 10 will reconfigure itself once it detects new hardware like the components we swapped out but I ended up getting the BSOD “Inaccessible boot device”. After some troubleshooting for a few hours, and I don’t know exactly what I did, but I was able to get back into Windows. From there I updated the drivers and done some tests.

I will be doing some gaming and benchmarks and will get back to see how different it is from my previous Sandy Bridge system.


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