Lineage2 Revolution introduces new World Boss: ‘Zaken’


The New world boss Zaken is vampire, and gets stronger as he gains ‘the spirit of the night’. The players can enter the Pirate Ship of Zaken after crafing Demonic Souldstone: Zaken. Players are able to craft Demonic Soulstone: Zaken by defeating certain monsters in Forest of Secrets Understory and Forest of Secrets Site of Slaughter. Players can receive abundant rewards such as Zaken’s Loot, Random Forgotten Scroll Weapon and Armor Recipe, Zaken Core after defeating Zaken . Moreover, players can acquire ‘Mercenary’s Spirit’ buff when they proceed the quest at Magnadin.

New Temoral Rift contents, Temple of creation, is opened now. Players can have a chance to acquire ‘Hagios’ Cloak’ after clearing Hagios at Temple of creation. Plentiful rewards such as Maphr’s Protection, Blessed Scrolls, Hagios’s Cloak Brooch, Attribute Stone can be acquired from Temple of creationas well.

For Magnadin, the new inventory system is updated. Players can keep their items in Account Storage so that they can have more rooms in their inventory. Account Storage is available for players above 30 level, and only unbound items can be kept in Account Storage.

Meanwhile, Lineage2 Revolution will hold multiple events celebrating the update. First, Nero’s Dice Game Event will provide rewards after playing dice game with Nero, and the rewards are Blessed Scroll, Random High-grade Forgotten scroll page and many other items. For Login Point Event, the players can exchange items with the points that can be acquired every minute.

There is a significant rewards and event only for the returning players. The players can move 5% faster during the event period, and they can receive experience and Aden twice more from field hunting. The sign-in event and Exclusive Shop for return users is opened now, and the returning players can acquire various rewards and many more items.


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