Microsoft announces that AMD Radeon FreeSync is coming to Xbox One X

Microsoft announced today on YouTube through their online show, Inside Xbox Season Premiere, that they are officially bringing AMD Radeon FreeSync on Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Last year, it was unveiled that the Xbox One X will have a custom 8-core CPU and a fully packed Custom Radeon GPU with 12GB of fast GDDR5 memory. Those are definitely incredible specs for a console so it was expected to have more than 30fps on games, 4k resolution wit HDR support, and it was expected to be capable of utilizing FreeSync technology but it didn’t really materialize when the Xbox One X was launched.


Antal Tungler, ther Senior Manager for Global Technology Marketing of Radeon Group, said that Xbox is one the first outside the PC ecosystem to adopt FreeSync technology, both Xbox One X, and the Xbox One S will use the Freesync 2 with HDR support through HDMI 2.1.

FreeSync 2 with HDR for Xbox One S/X should be rolled out in the Alpha Ring for Xbox Insiders in the next few days. Original FreeSync will also be available for the standard Xbox One. Do take note that to use this feature, you’ll need a FreeSync-compatible monitor.

What is FreeSync? Like, Nvidia’s G-Sync feature, it helps remove screen-tearing and stuttering on gaming monitors. It basically syncs refresh rates with the Monitor so that the game will run smooth. With this development, buying a FreeSync capable gaming monitor will appeal to Xbox One owners.


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