Hello, my name is Ira. I have been using and playing around with computers for over 20 years now and I enjoy helping others make the most of their tech.

I am an experienced Information Technology Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in Research, Management, Customer Service, PC Building. I have comprehensive experience with Windows 10, Windows Server, as well as several Linux distros like Ubuntu and Debian. I am also a blogger who writes about Consumer/Enterprise tech, Cyber security, and gaming.​

My dedication and passion with Computers began back in 1995 when I first had my hands on my first  Windows 95 Pc. Ever since then, I started learning and discovering my fascination for technology and the rest is history.

In this blog I will be writing about my own experiences with computers, technology, operating systems, and software.

I will also be sharing news and insights on Technology that I have come across so that I can bring more awareness to others about what is going on in our playful world of modern technology.